Website Hosting and Maintenance

Websites by Wilfred offers a monthly website maintenance and hosting plan. You can choose one or the other or both maintenance and hosting plans based on your needs. I am happy to work with your website hosting. My website hosting is on Flywheel, which is very fast, high quality Managed WordPress hosting.

Most Popular

Maintenance + Hosting

$ 150 / month
  • SiteGround Website Hosting and Monthly Maintenance.

Hosting Only

$85 / month
  • SiteGround Website Hosting.

Maintenance Only

$ 85 / month
  • Monthly maintenance on your WordPress website.

Monthly Website Maintenance

When updating a WordPress website, the first step is to create a backup of the website. The backup assures that if something goes wrong in the updates, the entire website can be restored. Most of the time the updates runs without a hitch. However, a WordPress website can be a complicated beast, and can crash if there are plugin or theme conflicts. For that reason, WordPress websites should be updated regularly, and only after a backup is made. It is also important to know how to restore the website from a backup.

Our maintenance service includes:

  • Updating the website to the latest version of WordPress
  • Updating all plugins
  • Updating the theme
  • After the updates, testing 5 website pages, with special attention to a product page, the cart page, and the check out page, if applicable.
  • Cleaning out spam website comments
  • A brief email report on your website traffic for the past month

Why do WordPress websites need maintenance?

33% of websites on the World Wide Web are on WordPress, and, for good reason. WordPress provides a back end to websites, giving users the ability to make changes without code. WordPress technology is open source and is a combination of the WordPress Core, the website theme, and  plugins. When the WordPress core is updated, then the theme and plugin must be updated as well. The updates are important because they include security protections as well as  enhancements that make your website better and faster.

SiteGround Hosting includes:


  • SSL (the HTTPS or little lock in the browser bar). SSL is required for shopping websites and is very important to website SEO
  • Hosting service that is optimized for WordPress and makes your website faster with less downtime
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) services, which means that your website is preloaded on servers throughout the world, improving response time dramatically.
  • Enhanced website security, protecting your website from attack
  • Automated backups and one-touch restore of your website, which is very important in WordPress.
  • The ability to run a development website when you would like to make more complicated changes to your website.

Need a custom plan? Contact me and we can create a plan to cater to your specific needs.